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We do not buy and sell used Challengers.  From time to time however, a real gem comes along, and we are asked to exhibit it for a proud owner, who we know personally.  The deal is facilitated by us, but made between you and the owner as a private sale (therefore NO GST!).  That is generally all you will ever find here - absolutely pristine, quality built, and exceptionally well flown and maintained Challengers*.  The most pristine and well-maintained Challengers never hit the airplane classifieds - they move very quickly and quietly by word of mouth amongst a very select few.  So, if you happen to drop by here and see something you like, move quickly.

Please note that this is not a forum for bargain hunters, rather a place for people looking for the very best in pristine, high-quality Challengers. 

Pre-Owned Challengers

Pristine 582 Challenger II Premium - PENDNG SALE.  NO GST.

Want a gorgeous Challenger but don't have time to build?  Here is an easy path to instant gratification, and perhaps the deal of a lifetime.  We sold this aircraft as a new kit to the current original owner.  The aircraft was professionally built and has been professionally maintained since new, and has been flown regularly.  Recent knee surgery has rendered the owner unable to fly again, and since he can't fly her, he doesn't want to look at her sitting idle either, and has instructed us to liquidate the airplane quickly to free up funds for a vacation property.  At this price, we'd buy it ourselves if we only had the hangar space.

C-IMGF Overview

  • Registered as Advanced Ultralight (AULA) and based in Central Alberta
  • One owner since new
  • Mid-length 29.5' wing with fiberglass tips
  • Low/Wide Side Body
  • Kit serial number CH2-1205-2708 purchased Apr 2007
  • Built professionally in 2008 by Kris Falk.
  • Maintained by Dan Pandur of Snowbird Aviation in Westlock.
  • Always hangared.
  • Just over 250 Hours Total Air Time
  • New Rotax 582 installed at 250 hours airframe time Jan 2014
  • New Lexan windscreen and doors installed 2014


  • High visibility paint scheme
  • Warp Drive variable pitch 3 blade composite prop with nickel leading edge (ideal for float operations)
  • Oil Injection
  • Turbulence fiberglass gear legs & upgraded shock suspension nose wheel (ideal for pastures)
  • 60 Litre aluminum fuel tank gives comfortable 2.5 to 3 hour range
  • Cabin heat, winter radiator shroud, oil injection, 60 Litre (17 U.S. Gallon) aluminum fuel tank
  • Upgraded Turbulence Mirabel seat cushions with backrest bag set
  • Hegar disc brakes, aluminum wheels, and tundra tires (ideal for pastures)
  • A6 radio/Miracle Whip antenna assembly

Replacement cost on this aircraft, professionally assembled, and with this equipment, would be in excess of $60,000 plus GST. 

C-IMGF Photos (More available on request)

Minor Damage History:

Considered minor and professionally repaired, our policy is always one of full disclosure:

  • The owner had a hard landing when soloing during training.  The landing gear was bent and a factory supplied longeron repair kit was professionally installed.
  • Last December, the owner had an engine problem and landed on ice with no damage, but the rollout ended up into some rough ice that damaged the nose gear and landing gear cables.  All was professionally repaired.  A tail stabilizer rod that got a minor bend getting the airplane to shore was also replaced.  A brand new 582 was installed at that time.



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You can watch some gorgeous video of this airplane by clicking the picture below.  Probably one of the prettiest Challengers ever built, and certainly one of the best Challenger videos.  If you want to see this airplane up close and personal, well, let's just say it lives really close to Jelly Bean and IROC.


Please write or call for more information.

* Potential buyers of any used airplane are advised to undertake their own due diligence prior to purchase.  ChallengerWest makes no warrantees or representations as to the condition or airworthiness of any aircraft, and acts only as a facilitator.

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